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We study basketball so you don’t so you don’t have to. Our team is always up to date with “hand-crunched” trends, and situational patterns.


In the ever changing landscape of NBA and College Basketball analysis, there emerges a distinct voice that resonates with both enthusiasts and strategists alike. This is the story of Buckets- a trusted analyst whose journey started with humble beginnings, ultimately shaping him into a trusted source of insight and expertise.

Buckets narrative unfolds in 2016, during his senior year of college, a time when textbooks and lectures intersected with his unwavering passion for basketball. It was within the confines of a University that Buckets developed this nickname, from his daily presence in the gym, sharp shooting, and ability to score in the clutch. While earning his Finance Degree – he began studying risk management full time while optimizing NBA Daily Fantasy Lineups in his spare time. With a laptop as his companion, he delved into the realm of statistics and player dynamics. Astonishingly, he achieved not just a sporadic victory, but a consistent documented winning streak from 2016-2019 that captured the attention of onlookers, as he tracked his pregame lineups’ success rate, transparently on Twitter the whole time.

What ignited as an unassuming hobby, soon transformed into an all-consuming passion, and evolved into @locksunderwater on Instagram 4 years later. Buckets’ ability to dissect player performance, and forecast outcomes became his defining hallmark, as he began steering towards teams covering the spread, instead of daily fantasy player stats.

Peers who once cast doubtful glances, now sought his pregame insight and post game evaluations, as Sports Betting slowly became legalized across the country. His clients continue to return over the years because of the holes he has dug them out of. A true pioneer, it is all proof that Buckets was ahead of his time, doing what many frauds now try to imitate 7 years later.

Today, Buckets stands as a preeminent NBA and College Basketball Analyst, who has a Finance degree and 7 years of expertise at only 28 years old. Recently he landed in the top 5% of ESPN’s March Madness Tourney Challenge every year from 2021-2023, and the numbers speak for themselves. He has nurtured his skills, and refined his methods each year. Those same players he intensely studied 5 years ago are now taking over the league as Lebron and Curry begin to pass their torches. Buckets is once again ahead of the game.

His winning ways stem from immersing himself in the intricacies of basketball statistics, trends, and strategies. He credits inspiration from his late friend, and mentor who always claimed, “Winners find a way to Win”. Buckets hopes to keep his legacy alive by passing the inspiration forward to others.

Buckets is not merely an analyst – he is an aficionado who’s path has been shaped by experience. From his formative days to the present moment, his trajectory has been driven by unwavering dedication. His insights are rooted in data, and enriched by personal encounters, having traveled to 50+ local college basketball games in the past few years. He doesn’t follow any other sports. His enduring love for the sport is unmatched and even obsessive as he recovers from an ACL tear that he endured on a fast break layup, doing what he loved.

In the realm of basketball analysis, one voice emerges – It’s Buckets – and it’s not just a catchphrase – it’s the embodiment of dedication and expertise.